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Is church necessary to be a Christian?
My view of the church is that Gateway Vineyard is not a church as much as we facilitate the church to happen. Jesus said in Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Gateway is structured to help the church meet in small settings and large settings. I believe both having intimate times with two or three is as vital as having a hundred or more gather corporately for a person's spiritual well being. Church is wherever you gather in the name of Jesus but is not some time or place. The Church is people who follow Jesus.Will I understand the message, even if I don't know much about the Bible? Our messages are prepared to connect with people's lives and presenting God's Word in a creative, yet straight-forward way using video and illustration. The services are designed to be easily understood by individuals checking out what it really means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. (But here's a secret: Even long-time Christians find these services invaluable to their spiritual and personal growth.)What is a Vineyard Church? Gateway Vineyard Fellowship is associates with an organization called the Vineyard. We are involved in this association because we feel we have similar DNA. We also have people from a wide variety of backgrounds - Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, etc. Together, we focus on biblical truth and teachings, and pursuing an active relationship with Jesus Christ. You don't have to be a member of a specific religious denomination to do that. Click here to see our Mission and Vision or here to see our Statement of Faith.
Do I have to dress up?
At Gateway Vineyard you'll see lots of people in jeans, shorts or khakis.
How do people at Gateway Vineyard Fellowship express worship?
"Worship" involves communicating with God from our hearts. We believe in a variety of different expressions in worshiping God. On the platform, you might see worship leaders clapping or raising their hands while they sing and the musicians playing various instruments. As a Gateway attendee, you are welcome to worship God in a way you feel expresses your heart toward him. For some, that's quietly reflecting on the words, for others, that's clapping and singing out loud.
Movie clips and videos in church?
Often it's helpful during a message to illustrate real life situations through a movie clip, or a music video. Sometimes these outlets may not be from "Christian" resources per se, but we find secular pieces can also hold great truths about the human condition. We screen the words and subject content closely for use in the worship experience.
Is there something for children?
Gateway offers programs focused for children, birth through 12 years of age.  During our time of worship, all children stay with their parents and connect into His presence. During the time of the message, the children are released into their age appropriate class to have fun and learn about God at their level.
Is there something for teenagers?
The junior and senior high student ministry of Gateway Vineyard Fellowship is meets every Tuesday night at Gateway at 7:00pm.
Are you going to hit me up for money?
If you are new to Gateway Vineyard Fellowship, please don't feel obligated to give. People will never be pressured to give money here, but regular attendees at Gateway who give, as an act of worship to God, support the many ministries of Gateway Vineyard Fellowship as well as our numerous outreaches.
What if I'm not even sure I believe in God?
If you haven't made a decision to accept Christ, but would like to know more about Him, you're a seeker. That's a good thing. That means you're asking questions about spiritual things and how they might relate to your life. You are welcome to explore answers to your questions here.
How do I get involved?
Attending weekend services is a good start, but we hope you'll move beyond being just part of the weekend crowd. You can further your faith, meet people, and learn more about life as a Christ-follower by joining a Home Group.
Where can I learn more about Gateway Vineyard Fellowship?
Be sure to visit our Welcome Center as you enter the Sanctuary and talk to one of a variety of people on deck who can answer your questions or connect you with someone who can. Visit the rest of our website for even more information.

Service Times

Sunday Prayer:  
8:00 am - 8:40 am
Sunday Morning
10:00 am
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday  
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Overcoming Anger Seminar 2013
I got to unload on guilt I had been carrying around.

We shared one on one and it helped to release the root cause of anger.

I got a chance to release my inner core anger that has been putting that void in me.

It was personal, repectful and allowed venting.

It helped me cope with problems I had for many years, and helped free me more than I thought.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
Wow- thank you! It’s powerful to know that we are all loved!

Very good and I really felt like they loved me.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
This experience inspired me and put more faith in me! THANK YOU!

It made me realize good things about myself.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
I really loved it! It was a lot of fun. You guys made me feel really good and I appreciate that.

Totally awesome, thank you so much my heart feels lighter.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
Very neat experience, they were right on about a lot of things, very thankful for the reading of myself and my son!!

It was fun; I knew what it was before they told me. The people were good at interpreting and reading people.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
Very good- Enjoyed the three people I talked to. Love their smiles. They got who I was to a T. God Bless.

I feel the Loving spirit of God upon me and thank you for reminding me that He is GREAT!
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
Great experience! Nailed my personality dead on, really gave my friend great enlightenment and advice. Love the energy!

To me the experience was worth the wait and made me want to be a better person.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
You cats are very genuine people, and I got super good vibes.

You guys rock! It was great. They were very encouraging and straight forward.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
Scary! Very correct! :) Thanks!

This was really great and motivational! Fantastic job!

They called me adorable! :)

Crazy, not what I expected, there was a lot of truth.
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
Thanks for your thoughts! I initially thought I accidentally entrapped myself into a sales pitch, but you were very encouraging in a non-threatening way. Nice to meet you.

Healing Testimony
"I could barely move because of my back, and at the end of service, I was prayed for and almost completely pain free!"
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
"This experience inspired me and put more faith in me! THANK YOU!"
Spiritual Encounter Tent 2012
"I really loved it! It was a lot of fun. You guys made me feel really good and I appreciate that."
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